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The Bigger Picture

What can I do for you?

I want to bring my passion and experience to your digital media team. I can create strategies, manage accounts, and produce compelling content that will grow your brand.

My Services



Brand Strategy

Let's collaborate! I want to work with you to learn what goals you have for your digital brand. I'll create a complete, 360-degree digital strategy and map out who your brand is, what you do, where you show up, and why you do what you do.


Social Direction

Don't have the manpower to run your accounts? That's where I step in. I will create content, post it to your channels, manage and grow your community, and engage in social listening and report what your audience is talking about. 


Content Production

Nothing is too big or too small to create. Short-form & long-form video, graphics, photos, you name it and I'll create it. I can use my cinematic production experience to create engaging content within your brand guidelines.

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