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Brand Strategy

The following accounts combined gained over 396.7% engagements and interactions in a year 

I served as the social and content strategist for the three clients below. I created the strategy and worked with our creative staff to run effective social campaigns. The strategies included a variety of graphics, photos, and videos to tell the story of their seasons.


Our deliverables included a strategy outlining the who, what, where, when, and why of the client's social accounts, and a content strategy and plan mapping out the different videos, graphics, and events we'd be covering.

Michigan State Gymnastics

The Gymnastics program came off of a historic season where they broke a variety of records. With this in mind, our idea was to keep the momentum going digitally and heavily lean into their mentality of 'We're just getting started.' We wanted to show their incredible athletic ability, their energy, and the record-breaking moments this season. This was portrayed by videos showing highlights, graphics stating where they were ranked and who won awards, and photos showing the team's unity and celebrations.

The platforms we focused on mainly were Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is home to many of our donors and individuals who financially support the program, so we wanted to reach them directly with video content to show who and what they're supporting. This paid off dramatically throughout the season. Between December 1, 2022 - May 1, 2023, the Gymnastics Facebook page saw a 71.5k% increase in reach, hitting 91,288,154. Instagram also saw a huge number of 615,927, a 371.3% increase all in organic social. Our following grew 12.7% across both channels, and engagement and interactions saw a 219.2% increase.

Michigan State
Women's Soccer

The three pillars of the Michigan State Women's Soccer program are Relentlessness, Work Ethic, and Family. We wanted to show their followers the grit the team displays on the field and off. By producing videos from practice, sharing photos of the team celebrating on the field, and telling the story of how they compete in each game, we were able to diversify the content to effectively engage their audience. Women's Soccer's content incorporated more white, Spartan heads and wordmarks, and more emphasis on individual faces and personalities.

Our goal was to target our community: the 18-24 and the 35-50-year-old demographics specifically. These were decided on because we found that they were our most engaging demographics in the past 5 years. Through our content, messaging, and marketing, we were able to contribute to record attendance numbers and growth in revenue. Digitally, the Women's Soccer accounts grew 87.3% in engagements and interactions and saw an increase of 23% in click-through rates.

Michigan State Baseball

The goal of Baseball's social was to show how resilient, professional, and hard-working they are. We focused our content on highlights and photos from special times during games to transport followers into the moment. The program wanted to turn a new leaf this past season and provide an inside look into who they are as a program. Showcasing the players' personalities provided the audience with that insight. We worked directly with the student-athletes for many projects to give the feel that they were the ones behind the account.

The platforms that the strategy focused on were primarily Instagram and TikTok, making sure that we had some content that could transfer over to Twitter and Facebook. The target was to engage our potential recruits and current students to sell tickets and get people in the stands. Between December 1, 2022-June 24, 2023, we saw an increase of 386.9% in reach of the accounts and a 90.2% increase in engagement and interactions with our posts. We gained over 8k new followers, which was a 434.1% growth. The student-athletes also engaged and shared more posts this year than in the past, showing that our collaboration was paying off.

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