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Social Direction

Client: Michigan State Athletics  |   Role: Social Director   |   Tasks: Content, Copywriting, Revenue Generation, Marketing

As the creative social media director for Michigan State University with a focus on Athletics, I wore many hats. My main priorities were brand strategy, revenue generation, and content creation. Examples of my work are below.

Quick Hitter Data


Increased engagement and interactions by 143% 


Increased following by 8,520 across all accounts 


Views on videos hit 3 million


Generated 32% more revenue from our digital marketing strategy from 2021-22


Saw a growth of comments and shares by 113% 


Produced over 2,000 posts across 5 platforms

Social media is the longest form of storytelling there is to the widest of audiences. Spartans are everywhere and always want to feel like they are part of the community. The Michigan State Athletics motto is, "Champions on and off the field." Throughout their social accounts, I wanted to showcase that. I focused on promoting the successes each program had through a variety of content. I incorporated film photography whenever possible. Football games were a perfect place to use film because of our fans and our team. The players became really interested in being photographed with the film camera which helped promote the program even more.


The Spartan Family is also a phrase that our Spartan community takes pride in. Making sure to produce content and images that display helped our audience relate to the brand more. I wanted to create a community on social media that everyone could be a part of and celebrate being a Spartan. 

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok were the platforms we focused on this past year. Between August 1, 2022 - May 31, 2023, we saw 44.6k engagements, and an increase in reach by 84.8%. Our following also grew by over 15k.

Michigan State Athletics

Michigan State Athletics


Film Photography

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